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Power Words That Sell


Power Words that Sell

Before you’ve even had time for a coffee break you’ve probably already been bombarded with hundreds of marketing messages. Television, radio, signs, billboards, vans, taxis and newspapers — they’re all screaming for your attention.

How many can you remember now?

In a simple business web model, you want to have a decent product, strong support, and a professional internet presence. This in itself will not persuade the visitor to purchase.

If you’re looking to win new customers, you’ve got to be smarter to grab their attention. By using the correct words, you can help bridge the communication gap by convincing the buyer to consider your product first.

By delivering and exceeding what the customer expects, you will be rewarded with the coveted "Customer For Life".

To help you, we’ve come up with some unusual ideas for intriguing potential customers:

Absolutely | Accomplish | Achieve | Benefit | Best | Clear-cut | Compelling | Convenient | Quality | Easy/Easily | Ensure | Exciting | Free | Fun | Guarantee/Guaranteed | Profitable |  How-To | Improve/Improved Instant/Instantly | Love | Money | More | New | Now | Personalized Power/Powerful Private | Proven | Quality | Quick/Quickly | Results | Safe/Safely | Save | Secrets |  Secure | Shocked/Shocking | Simple | Solution | Step-by-Step | Strong | Top | Uncover | Unique  Unleashed | Unlimited | Unlock | Winning | Bargain | Discount | Lifetime




*BONUS WORD: Using the person's name

So, the next time that you sit down to write ad-copy, pick and choose from these 50 power words that sell. Your small business will thank you.

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